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Ref. Title File(s) Date Author
1 Termo de compromisso uso do Lab Control labcontrol_aceitacaonormas_ppgee_cp.doc 23/09/2015 Vargas
2 Normas e procedimentos do Lab Control labcontrol_normas_v3.pdf labcontrol_normas_v3.doc 23/09/2015 Vargas

Other documents

Ref. Title File(s) Date Author
1 Post-doctoral researchers: Terms of acceptance, rules and procedures postdoc_agreement_ppgee_cp.pdf 23/09/2015 Vargas
2 Mensagem do Lab Control labcontrol_mensagem.doc 23/09/2015 Vargas
3 Excelente apostila de eletrônica Apostila 02/10/2015 Centro Paula Souza SP
4 Arduino programming with Matlab arduino_programming_using_matlab_-_agus_kurniawan.pdf 25/10/2016

Misconduct in research

Document available hereclick here

Examples of research integrity breaches

  • Not meeting required research standards
  • Conducting research without the requisite approvals, permits or licenses.

Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism

  • Fabrication of research data, including source material.
  • Falsification of research data or source material.
  • Misrepresentation of research data and source material.
  • Plagiarism of someone else’s work, including theories, concepts, research data and source material.
  • Duplicate publication (also known as redundant or multiple publication, or self-plagiarism) without acknowledgment of the source.
  • Falsifying or providing misleading information in a funding proposal.
  • Concealment or facilitation of breaches of the Code by others.

Record keeping

  • Failure to maintain research records, and/or the inappropriate destruction of research records, research data and source material.


  • Failure to provide adequate guidance or mentorship for researchers or research trainees under their supervision.


  • Failure to acknowledge the contributions of others fairly.
  • Misleading ascription of authorship including failing to offer authorship to those who qualify or awarding authorship to those who do not meet the requirements.

Conflicts of interest

  • Failure to disclose and manage conflicts of interest.
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