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Lab Control

  • Lab Control is a research laboratory located at Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (UTFPR), Brazil. UTFPR is a public Brazilian university located in the Paraná state, Brazil.

Research projects


  • Join us at Lab Control!
Team members inside an office of Lab Control Team members outside the building that hosts Lab Control
  • Come to Lab Control. Make us a visit.


Coordinator: Scientific Director

  • Scientific Director of Lab Control: Prof. Alessandro N. Vargas Google scholar


If you are interested in joining Lab Control, then send us a message. There are available positions for Postdocs, PhD and Master studentes, and Associate research positions.

vargas_joserodellar.jpg Alessandro N. Vargas and Jose Rodellar, Barcelona, Spain, April 2018 ASCII������IICSA���II Alessandro N. Vargas and Hamid Reza Karimi, Milan, Italy, April 2018

Laboratory organization and other topics

Contact us


The facilities of Lab Control are located in the small city of Cornélio Procópio, in the suburban region of Londrina, Paraná.


Institutions that have been cooperating with Lab Control over the last few years.


Romenia Italy Europe



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